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Paul's Proclamation before Agrippa, Part 4

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Paul's Proclamation before Agrippa, Part 4

Acts 26:24-32

As Christians, it is our privilege and responsibility to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in every adversity of life so that we can be useful as a faithful witness for Him. Here, in chapter 26, the prisoner Paul gladly proclaims the gospel of Christ to King Agrippa, Bernice, Festus, and all the dignitaries who were with them.
1. The Commencement of Paul's Testimony (vv. 1-8)
2. The Content of Paul's Testimony (vv. 9-23)
3. The Confrontation of Paul's Testimony (vv. 24-29)
4. The Conclusion to Paul's Testimony (vv. 30-32)