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Ministry Opportunities

Creation Science Club

 Leader: Various Leaders
(661) 805-8020
Sovereign Grace Church
20413 Brian Way
Tehachapi CA 93561
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Sovereign Grace Church teaches a literal explanation of the biblical account of Creation in the book of Genesis. We teach that God created the world, along with all of its creatures and features, in six calendar days. Therefore, we deny the theory of evolution.

At various times through the year, we invite our congregation to explore how science validates the truth of God’s Word. As an apologetic and outreach ministry, we present workshops, seminars, and videos lectures—many by the Institute for Creation Research ( and Answers in Genesis (—to help equip us in our understanding of biblical creationism. This opportunity usually takes place in the fall and in the spring, on the second Sunday of each month, for a limited period of time.

Learn how the Bible is true, how science confirms it, and how you can be better equipped to defend the Christian faith. See the church bulletin for upcoming events and more details.