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The Work that Won't Wait!

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The Work that Won't Wait!

John 4:27-38

Proposition: 7 Lessons on Evangelizing from Several Unexpected Sources

 I.  Lessons from a Female (4:27-29)
   A. Evangelizing is the first work
   B. Evangelizing is wise

 II.  A Lesson from Food (4:31-34)
   A. Evangelizing is (more) satisfying

 III.  Lessons from Farming (4:35-38)
   A. Evangelizing is the work that cannot wait
   B. Evangelizing yields wage(s)
   C. Evangelizing involves working with others
   D. Evangelizing is wearying

Personal Application:

Have you shared Jesus with someone in the last 30 days? If so, whom?
What factors might be standing in the way of sharing your faith more regularly?
Will you pray faithfully for one lost sinner these next 30 days? If
     so, who will it be?
Will you pray that God will send out more workers into the harvest?