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Discerning Different Kinds of Faith

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Discerning Different Kinds of Faith

John 4:43-54

Proposition: Jesus Encounters Two Kinds of Faith: Fraudulent Faith and Genuine Faith

Faith #1: The Fraudulent Faith of the Fatherland (vv 43-45)
     Jesus Followed the Plan (v 43) cf. 4:1-4
     John Quoted a Proverb (v 44) cf. Mt 13:57, Mk 6:4, Lk 4:24
     Readers Ponder a Paradox (vv 44-45) “has no honor” and yet
     “received” cf. 1:10-12, 2:23-25, 3:32-33

Faith #2: The Genuine Faith of a Father (vv 46-54)
     The Father Faced A Crisis: “Son … Sick … at the point of death”
     (vv 46-47)
     Jesus Ministered Mercy: “Go, your son lives” (vv 48-50a)
     cf. 5:36, 10:25, 37-38, 14:9-11)
     The Entire Household Got Saved! “he himself … and his household”
      (vv 50b-54)

     What kind of faith do you have, fraudulent or genuine? How can you
     Next Time You Face a Crisis …Remember these Three Things
          First, remember to come to God first, trusting Him with your