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Servant Leadership

Matt Billingsley

 Deacon, Music

Matt works in aerospace research and development. He was raised in a religious environment and grew up having a cognitive understanding of the Christian faith, without any personal conviction and awareness of his accountability before a Holy God.

Matt testifies that his belief in God was not one of submission and loving obedience, but merely a disguise for his own self-interest. However, God’s merciful hand softened his pride and his independent heart. God crushed his stubborn will through an understanding of the truth of Scripture. Matt says he was made aware of the magnitude of his own sin and the great separation that existed between him and Almighty God. He notes, God “saved me by His grace in spite of my sinful pursuits, and began His sanctifying work.” At that time, Matt says he made a conscious decision to bring every thought, word, and deed captive to the will of Christ, in order that God would be glorified through him.

Matt and his wife, Michelle, have seven precious children: Micah, Jason, James, Abigail, Lydia, Julia, and Selah, each of whom are a testimony of God’s amazing grace and provision. On raising their children, Matt says, “We encourage them to love and honor the teaching of God’s Word, the fellowship of the church, and singing songs of praise to our Lord Christ. We try not to go out of our way to attract attention to ourselves. Instead, we emphasize the attitudes of the heart rather than our outward behavior.”

Asked about his favorite text of Scripture, Matt explains, “It’s Romans 8:28. The reason is because I’ve experienced firsthand God’s sovereignty and glorification through life’s most unexpected and unintended circumstances.” The Billingsleys humbly admit, in this season of life with young children, they have very little time for leisure and hobbies, but they love art, music, reading, woodworking, and outdoor recreation.